Destroy Ideas.
Respect People.

Those two principles make up the entirety of our ethos at Index. You’ll find them on basically every page.

But what is Index? Well, it’s a repository of sorts, and a clearing house. It’s a site to host analog games criticism and analysis. Maybe it’s a stepping stone for anyone who feels they want to write about games but don’t feel confident yet. I figure it might be many other things in time.

If it’s so loose as all that, why submit your work here? Couldn’t it go on your personal blog? Totally! If you feel that’s a better route, please take it. Some of my favorite work comes from personal blogs. Or maybe you think your piece is good enough to get published (either popularly or academically)? That’s great! We need more of that. You’ll eventually find a list of sites and journals where you might submit your work at our Resources page.

Frankly, I can’t offer much. This isn’t a magazine. Heck, it’s not even really a games website in a traditional sense. I’m not equipped to offer much. What I can offer is anonymity. If you don’t feel comfortable having your name attached to your work, it won’t be. Hell, even if you do want it attached I’m going to require written permission. Every time. You always reserve the right to pull your work, individually or all at once. It’s your work.

It’s a nightmare out there. It shouldn’t be, but it is. I get why people feel uncomfortable. I can’t and won’t say they feel it wrongly. But it sucks. It sucks so fucking hard. So fuck that, and fuck the people who would make you feel that way. Criticism is necessary and good. Analysis makes us stronger. This is just my little attempt to make it suck slightly less for a handful of people.

All I ask is that you argue well. No personal, organizational, or categorical attacks. Support your points. Speak honestly. You do that, you have a place here.


Welcome to Index.