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And We're Live

And We're Live

Welcome! I honestly can’t believe this is a real thing I’ve done. It started as an offhand comment on Twitter about wanting more analysis and critique around analog games. Now it’s a website.

I don’t know how this thing will go. Maybe it dies on the vine. Maybe it blows up in my face. But maybe, just maybe, I’m not alone in wanting more of that stuff. Maybe you even want to write some of it. I hope so. That’s why this is here.

Please check out the About, Submissions, Feedback, and Resources pages. Everything is very much “In Progress.” I imagine it will be for a long time. With your help, I’d like that to be a collaborative process. I don’t intend to run this thing beyond what I might do helping writers. I’m not even sure there’s much running to be done.

You’ll notice articles don’t have comments sections. That’s on purpose. I don’t intend to have moderators. This isn’t much of a community. There are already some wonderful communities out there, with great people working on them to help new development flourish. I figure those’ll go up on our Resources page eventually. But, again, that’s not why this is here.

This is a clearing house for unpopular and niche and weird thoughts. I figure basically nobody is going to like all of it. I certainly won’t like all of what gets submitted. But that’s not really the point. The point is I want to hear more voices, different voices, and I want them to say things that they might feel uncomfortable saying in a public forum.

The games critic Will Partin once described his style of writing as “Games and…”, which is to say games and something else. The games are always centered to some degree, but the work is never just about games. That’s the sweet spot. But it can take many forms. Detailed mechanical analysis that goes into how a particular game leverages specific concepts of social psychology? Totally. Personal essays about how a game (or games) affected you? Absolutely. Social commentary on some new development in the analog games space with strong arguments for what it might mean for the wider industry, culture, or world? Fuck yeah.

There are so many different ways to approach “Games and…” and I figure this site could grow dramatically and run for many years and I’d never see beyond the barest sliver. So I can’t really say much more beyond that. But that’s okay. That’s exciting! I want to see what you think. I already see enough of what I think.

However, there are a few things I’m not excited to see, and that I almost certainly won’t publish. No personal attacks, period. Probably no organizational or categorical attacks, too. Even when those are justified - and sometimes they really are - I’m highly unlikely to publish it. Now that’s not a hard no. There are cases to be made for articles like that. Some of my favorite games journalism over the past year has stepped into that arena. But the burden of proof is outsized and wholly on the author. We’re talking months of in-depth investigative journalism. I frankly can’t afford to pay you what that’s worth. You think you have a story like that and the ability to report on it? Well shit, go submit that to Waypoint or Kotaku or Variety Gaming or any number of other sites. I want to see that stuff, but I can’t ask you to spend weeks or months of your life building a story for no compensation. I’m never going to tell you to do this “for exposure.” That’s bullshit and we both know it.

Write what you want to write. Speak honestly. Argue well. That’s it. You want to do this on your own blog? I totally understand. Please just let me know where I can find you and I’ll probably add your to our Resources page. Think you can submit your article to somewhere that’ll pay you and get it published there? Fuck yeah. Do it. Get paid. That’s the end goal for all of this in my eyes. More writers writing more types of things and getting paid for it. Jump way the fuck over and around me if you can.

Everyone else: the doors are open.

Welcome to Index.

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