Submission Guidelines

Firstly, thanks for even navigating to this page. I started Index because I wanted to hear from other people, and this is where that begins. Below you’ll find some short submission guidelines followed by a handful of fields and tiny disclaimers about them. But it really comes down to three main things:

1) What we don’t publish: Personal, organizational, and categorical attacks (no matter how deserved).
2) What we do publish: Op-eds, features, longform reviews, formal critiques, mechanics analyses, etc.
3) We always reserve the right to refuse the work. You always reserve the right to pull the work.

Your name will never be attached to any article you write without your express permission. This is true for every article you write, independent of your decision on any other. Your email will never appear on any article. Ever. Security is our priority. This doesn’t work otherwise.

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Respect People.


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